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I'm a good driver

Even as a good driver, you can't, unfortunately, escape the ageing affect. This can cause very gradual and subtle changes to the way you cope with safe driving. Awareness of these changes is the key to keeping safe into older age.

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I lack a little confidence

There are various reasons why drivers lack a little confidence, ranging from a recent collision to not having driven for many months. You may even have had a passenger with strong 'back seat driver' opinions! Whatever the reason, we can help.

Unsafe drivers?

Am I still safe to drive?

As age goes on, we all have to stop driving at some point. But the process leading up to that can be difficult unless handled in a sensitive way.

We specialise in advising those who are becoming less safe, with the aim of helping people compensate for their concerns and to recognise when it is time to hang up the car keys.

The Ageing Process

As we get older, very gradual changes happen involving our eyesight and our capacity to think quickly enough for some of the demands of driving on very busy roads.
Most drivers are sensible enough to realise this and compensate. However, there may be driving habits you have built up over many years that now put you at more risk. 
We can help you to understand this process and how to maintain your safety.
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