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The Ageing Process

As we get older, very gradual changes happen involving our eyesight and our capacity to think quickly enough for some of the demands of driving on very busy roads.
Most drivers are sensible enough to realise this and compensate. However, there may be driving habits you have built up over many years that now put you at more risk. 
We can help you to understand this process and how to maintain your safety.
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Driving with Dementia?

Let us help smooth the path a little.

We know how difficult it can be for everyone when dementia is diagnosed, the driver, their family and friends.

We have many years of experience in managing this complex situation from advising about legal requirements at diagnosis through to helping come to terms with the need to eventually relinquish the driving licence.

Checking Blood Pressure

Advice Centre

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Working with Medical Professionals

For Medical professionals who need to make a judgement on fitness to carry on driving.

Doctor Office

Driver Licencing

For those who need advice on driving licencing, reporting a medical condition, how DVLA operates and your legal responsibilities.



Information about the legal eyesight requirements for driving

Eyeglass Display

Family and friends

If a driver becomes ill and insists on carrying on driving the family can often become concerned for their safety.

The conversation about retiring from driving is never an easy one.

We can help you to manage that situation.


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