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About Me

Senior Consultant- Graham Mylward

My experience in training, assessing and advising drivers of all age groups since 1998 has put me into an ideal place to pass on some of the lessons I have learnt about driving in the real world.

From teaching learner drivers in the early days of my career, through risk assessing business drivers who work for multi national organisations, to many years working with older drivers, I have come to understand the main factors that affect our continued ability to stay safe on the road.

This has come about not only from personal contact with the driver, but also by reading many hundreds of driver reports produced by driving professionals that I have had a large part in training to suit a particular road user group.

I believe, just as all drivers should, that we always have something new to learn or understand and so I am continually striving to make improvements to the service I offer in order to help people.

My specialty in this field has led me to advise others, including many professionals, on issues surrounding older drivers.

This has also resulted in the production of videos for BBC, including for the One Show, BBC Breakfast and the BBC stories website.

I have delivered presentations to national conferences on my work in this area including to the national Older Road Users Conference arranged by Road Safety GB.


      The WOOD              Consultancy

The WOOD Consultancy was established in 2021 to provide a service on all the issues that an experienced driver may need. Age is just a number and we don't discriminate between whether you are 45 or 95. We are here to help.

The acronym WOOD stands for World of Older Drivers.  The term 'older drivers' has been used to describe a group of motorists who are struggling to stay safe on the roads. We want to dispel that connection and offer advice to any experienced driver whatever the age.

Statistics show that drivers between 40 and 75  are the safest on the roads. This is due to experience, patience and, often, a safe attitude.

However, some issues, such as health and eyesight, crop up as age increases and this can affect a driver's safety.

This consultancy was set up to advise on a range of capabilities, from some of the very best drivers on the roads to those that are approaching the end of their driving careers, from  loss of confidence on today's busy roads to those who are desperate to continue driving when others have suggested they should stop.


Many of the issues that can effect us if we develop a medical condition are included, such as notifying DVLA, how to stay safe and when you need to stop driving.

The very  gradual changes that take affect due to the normal ageing process  can creep up on us and any downturn in our skills level is difficult to notice ourselves. 

We have been involved in the driver training, assessment and advice sector since 1998 and have been specialising in the affects of age on driving, from a real world and practical viewpoint, since 2008.

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