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Real World Driving Assessments

Currently only available from meeting points in Bournemouth , Poole and Christchurch. In your own car on the roads you would normally drive on.

As we get older, very gradual changes take place which can increase our road risk if we don't make adjustments. 

Changes such as the speed at which we can process thoughts and information, making decisions, the ability to multi task and changes to our eyesight.

Have you had your driving assessed professionally since passing your test?

When you combine these gradual changes with any poor driving habits you may have had for years, the risk of a crash can rise.

So it is a good idea to enter older age with only good driving habits.

We can provide you with an unbiased, professional opinion of your driving skills based on the types of roads you need to drive on . This is not about picking holes in your driving but a real world assessment of how you drive and what would help you to continue driving for many more years.

Cost £40.00 includes driving risk assessment report.


Confidence Builder sessions

These sessions are ideal for those who have lost some confidence in driving. They will be tailored to match your needs. We will work with you to help you regain your confidence at your own pace. They take place from your home and in your own vehicle.
The length of the session will depend on your needs (minimum 1hour).
Cost is £40 per hour

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Advanced Driver Training

Have you ever wondered how you would get on if you took an Advanced Driving Test? Statistics suggest that those that continually drive at 'Advanced' standard are around 50% less likely to have an accident.

Our Advanced Driver Trainers can advise you on what's involved and what you would need to improve on to be ready for an Advanced Test.

Cost is £40.00 per hour.