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Driving assessment for those with a medical condition

We have many years of experience in delivering driving assessments to drivers with a medical condition. Although we are not medically trained, we do have a basic understanding of how medical conditions such as stroke or dementia can affect driving. 

These assessments can only be done if the driver allows us to send a copy of the report to their GP.

Currently only available from any meeting point in Bournemouth and surrounding areas.

Cost £60.00

Blood Pressure Exam

Driving with a Medical Condition

As we get older we become more likely to develop a medical condition that will affect our ability to continue to drive safely.

Where a purely physical condition is involved, adaptions to the vehicle can often be made to allow drivers to continue.

But if the condition affects the way that we think and process information such as cognitive impairment from conditions such as Dementia, or stemming from Stroke, or Parkinson's Disease, we are likely to gradually become less able to drive safely.

This doesn't mean we automatically need to give up driving as soon as a diagnosis is made but we do need to listen to the health professionals advice about driving.

The need to report these conditions to the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) often leads to a prolonged medical enquiry whilst DVLA liaise with your doctor and other professionals before renewing a driving licence.

This process seems complicated and worrying but we have many years of experience dealing with people in similar situations and a driving assessment can often help to smooth the path by informing your doctor, and DVLA, what your driving is actually like.

The cost for a practical assessment is £60.00. This will take approximately 90 minutes.

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Discussing the options


Helping the family

When a loved one is facing the end of their driving career it can be particularly hard on family members. This is particularly true when dementia is involved as the driver may not have the insight to understand why they need to stop driving. 

if you want to read more about this please click on the button below to go to our page on 'The Road to Driving Retirement.